Tulossa: Courses in Computational Big Data Analytics

The analysis of data has a central role in the modern information society. Organizations in both the public and private sector are collecting vast data sets, and an increasing amount of public sector data is made open. However, data – assumed to be an important asset for organizations – is useless unless it is analyzed. Analysis is required to find regularities such as trends or groupings, and to relate the data to other data sets within an organization or in scattered online repositories.

Analysis of data needs practical data processing skills, which you can study at University of Tampere. You can apply for courses belonging to an international Master’s degree Programme in Computational Big Data Analytics. Thus, you will study together with the degree students. You can start the first academic modules in October 2017 and you can go on studying until spring 2019. It’s possible to complete 10 courses in total and each course is at least 5 ects.

By completing the courses, it’s possible to learn activities such as data cleansing, data integration, modeling and prediction, interactive and iterative visualization of data and models for the refinement of hypotheses and models, and the presentation of intermediate and final results to the decision-makers using visualization and reporting methods. Successful analysts need skills in both computational and statistical topics.

Who can apply for the courses?

  • You have a university level Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Statistics or Mathematics or in a closely related field
  • You have some programming skills
  • You have fluency in English for academic studies

Which academic modules are available?

Classroom teaching will be carried out in the premises of university main campus. Teaching methods in the courses are usually lectures and exercises. Please see the module details below:

Data Mining, person in charge Martti Juhola, Professor

Dimensionality Reduction and Visualization, person in charge Jaakko Peltonen, Professor

Introduction to Bayesian Analysis 1, person in charge Hyon-Jung Kim-Ollila, University Lecturer

Machine Learning Algorithms, person in charge Martti Juhola, Professor

Academic modules starting later 

Knowledge Discovery, person in charge Kati Iltanen, University Lecturer and Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences,  start in autumn 2018
Introduction to Big Data Processing, person in charge Heikki Hyyrö, University Lecturer, start in autumn 2018
Recommender Systems, person in charge Konstantinos Stefanidis, Associate Professor, start in autumn 2018
Time Series Analysis 1, person in charge Hyon-Jung Kim-Ollila, University Lecturer, start in autumn 2018
Neurocomputing, person in charge Martti Juhola, Professor,  start in spring 2019
Digital Image Processing, person in charge Martti Juhola, Professor, start in spring 2019

Contacts and further information

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.

Maritta Harjunpää
Project manager
Faculty of Natural Sciences / University of Tampere
Mobile: +358 50 599 4372
Email: maritta.harjunpaa@uta.fi